dpt Communications Inc.

The principals and management of dpt Communications Inc. have individually been providing telecommunications support and service to the business community for well over 10 years with backgrounds in office equipment, phone service provisioning, inside voice and data cabling, and system programming and implementation.


  • We provide training of your staff in order to maximize efficiencies in using their phone and voicemail systems.

Interconnectivity with Telco

  • Providing knowledgeable information on the products, services and pricing offered by the local ‘Phone Company’ (Telco).
  • Communication with the local provider on your behalf to order, implement, co-ordinate any services that your organization requires relating to Voice connectivity.


  • Troubleshooting of any service problems that may arise to initially determine if the problem originates on the Telco side, outside the building, or with cabling or equipment inside the building. Should the problem be determined to be network related, we will contact the Telco (Aliant) on your behalf and have the issue resolved. Should the problem be determined to originate inside the building, our technicians will correct the problem whether it is cabling or equipment related.


  • Installation and integration of any Voice or Data cabling inside the building that may be required.


  • Supply installation and support of any peripheral devices such as headsets, cordless phone extensions, paging equipment and Custom Music/ Messaging-on-Hold.

*Service charges of $98.00/hr will apply to customer-initiated requests (i.e. moving extensions), cabling infrastructure changes, and non-warranty related work.