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The KX-NT700 is an IP Conference Phone that supports both public switched telephone networks (PSTN) and IP networks. IP support ensures high audio clarity that makes voice calls seem “face-to-face”. Moreover, the KX-NT700 features expandability via connections to other IP products and links to web conferencing systems.

Feature highlights

  • Peer-to-peer conferencing
  • Background noise reduction
  • High definition voice quality (full duplex 7kHz audio)
  • Supports 2 optional external microphones (KX-NT701)
  • Record calls or meetings on an SD card (up to 67 hours with a 2GB SD card) Multi port configuration – Peer-to-peer SIP – PSTN – Mobile phone


  Konftel 250 – Simple yet Sophisticated

     Konftel 250 is an excellent choice when holding telephone conferences without compromising sound quality.

Feature highlights

  • The Konftel 250 is equipped with Konftel’s patented OmniSound® HD audio technology, for crystal-clear sound.
  • Save your contacts in the phone book and use the conference guide to easily set up multi-party calls or pre-programmed group calls.
  • Konftel 250 also has a built-in   recording function that enables you to record your calls on an SD memory card.
  • It’s also ideal in larger settings with the addition of optional expansion microphones.
  • Hold productive telephone conference meetings that not only save time but the environment as well by cutting travel expenses.

 Konftel 300 – a phone for all your meetings

Konftel 300 is packed with many smart features and designed for flexible performance

Feature highlights

  •  Record your conversations on SD memory cards, while the line mode allows you to switch between and combine three connectivity technologies — analog, cell phones and USB.
  • The conference guide helps you make multiparty calls and save call groups, which is very useful if you make regular calls to the same group.
  • It is ideal in larger contexts as you have the option of adding expansion microphones, a wireless headset and a PA system.
  • Delivers ultimate sound quality, based on a brand new generation of OmniSound® HD, Konftel’s crystal clear audio technology.

      Konftel 300Wx – wireless conference phone for total freedom

The Konftel 300Wx allows you to hold conference calls where and when it is convenient

         Feature highlights

  • No need to worry about phone jacks and power outlets.   
  • The rechargeable lithiumion battery ensures superior performance with up to 60 hours of talk time
  • Ssupports DECT with GAP/CAT-Iq standard for less interference and clearer conversations and moreover is easily integrated with existing DECT systems for complete coverage.
  • Can also be easily connected to your cell phone or computer via USB for VoIP calls over the internet. Its embedded line mode enables you to connect DECT, cell phones and USB simultaneously for multi-party calls.
  • Has several smart features to make your meetings as easy and efficient as possible.
  • Record calls on a SD memory card, listen to it later or share it with others.
  • The built-in conference guide helps you dial multi-party calls, store call groups and initiate reoccurring meetings.
  • Is expandable with microphones, equipped with Konftel’s patented OmniSound audio technology for crystal clear sound and its elegant Scandinavian design makes it a welcome addition to any conference room.


Your conference room phone is one of your most valuable collaboration assets. But even in a smaller or medium-sized room, audio conferencing calls are more productive and efficient when participants’ voices are clear and crisp—even during simultaneous conversations. Only Polycom Acoustic Clarity™ technology delivers the best sound quality with impressive microphone range, to ensure that all your conference calls are loud and clear.

Feature highlights

  • Speak naturally and be heard clearly from 2 up to 20 feet away from the microphone
  • Enjoy increased productivity and faster decision making through more natural and efficient conversations
  • Polycom HD Voice™ technology makes every syllable crystal clear
  • Phones and expansion microphones feature technology that resists interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices, delivering clear communications without distractions
  • Download new software for additional features and functionality right from the phone Provides full room coverage for a 54′ x 40′ room


clearoneClearOne’s MAX Wireless

Interact naturally — without wires in your way on the table and the floor. MAX™ Wireless brings you ClearOne’s industry-leading professional audio technology and advanced processing for crisp, clean sound in an easy-to-use wireless speakerphone. Simply plug in the base unit and start talking. With MAX Wireless you can experience high quality, secure wireless conference calls in your executive office or small conference room.

Feature highlights

  • Easy set up and operation — just plug the base station into a power outlet and analog telephone jack
  • 150-foot signal range — use in multiple rooms without moving the base station
  • 12-hour battery life — conduct lengthy conferences without recharging
  • Automatic Level Control — automatically adjusts microphone volume levels based on how loudly participants in the local room are talking to improve voice quality for far-end participants
  • Automatic Gain Control — automatically adjusts loudspeaker volume based on the incoming audio signal from the far end to provide clear, intelligible audio in the local room
  • 64-bit encrypted communication — ensures secure conferencing

It comes with a single wireless speaker phone that can be used anywhere within 150 feet of the base unit. Perfect for use in:

  • Small conference rooms — up to 8 people
  • Executive offices
  • Home offices
  • Rooms without phone lines within 150 feet of the base unit